Monday, June 19, 2006

Auto focus

Tony Snow has already made quite a mark during his short tenure as Press Secretary for the White House. Unfortunately, that mark hasn't quite been the positive one that the administration must have been hoping for.

Less than one week after declaring that 2,500 dead American soliders in Iraq were "a number", Snow appeared on FOXNews, and decided to criticize the media for the amount of attention being paid to the two soldiers who have gone missing. Two soldiers who may or may not have been kidnapped by groups tied to al Qaeda. Two soldiers who, if they are found unharmed, will have miraculously escaped being more contributions to the growing "number".

American troops are combing the area in an attempt to find these troops. The concept of never leaving anyone behind, no matter the personal cost, is apparent in this situation, tragic as it is. Meanwhile, our mouthpiece for the current administration is stating that we are focusing too much on these missing Americans, and not enough on what has happened since Zarqawi was found dead. This is the same man who has stated, "Most people realize simply pulling out would be an absolute unmitigated disaster."

Unfortunately, on this point, Tony Snow is 100% correct. It would be a disaster for us to pull our troops out at this point, because of the environment that we've created. An environment that, instead of curtailing the number of insurgents, simply breeds higher numbers, with more desire to overthrow those they view as infidels.

And through it all, we're focusing too much on missing soldiers. Truth be told, we can't focus enough on those missing soldiers until they've been found, and a resolution to their situation is provided.

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