Thursday, June 08, 2006

Is it the message?

Another shot-gun approach to the news, partially prompted by being unable to access my own site yesterday.

Item One, news out of Indonesia. Turns out that the leaders of the island nation have asked "Gin" Rummy to tone it down a bit. Rather than push U.S. foreign policy and security beliefs down the throats of other nations, those wacky Indonesians think that it may just be better for the States (also known as the Boss Hogg of the planet) to allow our allies to make their own decisions. They also seem to believe that if we continue to be "overinsistent", we may damage even further the way the rest of the world views us. And here I was, thinking that we couldn't possibly have a worse global reputation than we already do. What's next? Are the Indonesians going to suggest that we allow other nations to elect their officials in their own way? Wacky. Just wacky.

Item Two, news from the White House. Immigrants coming to this country need to, by GDub's recent declaration, adopt American values, and learn our national language. That's all well and good, except shortly after his little announcement, GDub was greeting a group of prospective citizens and, even though their instructor was teaching them in English, Georgie decided it would be most prudent to speak to them in their native Spanish. Thank goodness we're not giving any potential immigrants mixed messages. I'd like to think that we save those for our citizens. Of course, with the Border Patrol, this may have been one of the Great Decider's final opportunities to confuse and misdirect immigrants, so his hand may have been forced.

Item Three, news from China. The DaVinci Code takes another blow to its box office potential, just when you thought that all the damage possible was dealt out by the 1-2 punch of Ron Howard and Tom Hanks. Apparently the Chinese, in a bold move proving that they are just as discriminating in their cinematic tastes as India, and far more discerning than the Americans, have pulled the Dan Brown picture from their screens. Of course, people are wondering if this is in response to complaints from Chinese Christians. Some are wondering if the government line of "opening up the theaters for locally produced films" is legit, or if it that's just a song and dance, with Over the Hedge hitting the Sino-plex on Friday. It could be either of those things. It could also be that the Chinese government has decided that it doesn't need to have an outlet for American garbage anymore, and pulled the plug on the Code because it's a bad film.

And finally, Item Four, news from all over the place. Ann Coulter, a name that is cursed the world over, and even in some alternate dimensions, has of course been all over the news recently, for the new book that she put out. Since the release of the book, aside from the obligatory appearances on FOXNews (because when you pander to the right, you REALLY pander to the right), she's also gotten her shots in interviews with Matt Lauer and Tucker Carlson. I'm sure there's been more, but, blessedly, I've missed them. Well, Lauer and Carlson both got completely run over by her, and weren't really able to take her to task. Who can we look to in this dark time? Well, there's always Jon Stewart, but he'll generally pull some punches when dealing with incredibly controversial subjects due to the nature of being on Comedy Central (thankfully, Stewart abandons the gloves when he appears on someone else's show). So where do we look? Well, hey, there's MSNBC. And there's Keith Olbermann. Who is quickly becoming my news hero... go here to see the video of yet another scathing Olbermann report.

Now, as Blogger's been kinda temperamental the last couple of days, I'm putting this one to bed. Y'know, tacking it to a wall and framing it for your viewing discretion. And yes, by tempermental, I mean Blogger's been acting like some of my exes. Just goes to show that God does exist. And He doesn't prove it by saving people from lions, He proves it by reincarnating different events into new forms.

Here's hoping that Coulter's new form at some point is a flaming bag of poo. Unless she's already there.

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