Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Why doesn't Europe like us?

Maybe it's because, when GDub is in Austria for a press conference, he claims that Europeans didn't take the attacks of 9/11 seriously enough. In his words, "for Europe, September the 11th was a moment; for us it was a change of thinking." Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there a huge outpouring of support from the European community after the attacks? And didn't the nature of the attack and the cities struck cause the global community to think differently? Wasn't there a large amount of martial support drummed up to help our cause in Afghanistan, as we sought the man who orchestrated the whole mess?

But, as he has shown so many times in the past, GDub doesn't view Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden as being truly responsible for the 9/11 attacks. He views the ruling powers of Iraq. He acknowledges that people disagree with his decisions concerning Iraq, but also vows to remain steadfast, because he is "not going to forget (the lessons of 9/11)."

He even goes so far as to say that "Some people say, It’s OK to condemn people to tyranny." This sounds like he's saying that, if you disagree with him, you believe that allowing others to live in tyrannical nations is perfectly acceptable. He goes on to say that, while America is tough on terror (and nothing could be tougher than abandoning pursuit of the actual guilty party to chase after a family grudge), we're helping provide food in Africa. That we're devoting more money than ever to AIDS research. Nevermind that, as a percentage of the GNP, the amount we spend on AIDS research and helping to curtail starvation are mere pittances compared to what some other countries spend.

Almost makes you wonder if he'll dance the same dance after he's declared war on Iran. And North Korea.

To think. As children, anyone who would so adamantly follow the same course of action while ignoring their peers would be ostracized from the community they exist in. And our President wonders why our country is currently facing the same fate?

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