Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lead by example

Unfortunately, when the example being set is similar to what the United States is doing right now with regards to global relations, maybe it's better to lead by getting the hell out of the way.

After all, for a while now, North Korea has been threatening to put together missles capable of travelling long distances and carrying a potentially nuclear payload. The war with Iraq took a turn for the worse right around the time that the US military removed Saddam from power and was unable to quell the civil war that sprung up around them (contrary to what "Gin" Rummy thinks, Iraq is definitely embroiled in a civil war). Relations with China and Russia have gotten weaker as our Cowboy in Chief has made it clear that he expects the world to follow his skewed vision, without regards for what's best for their country or the rest of the planet. And, with the war raging between Israel and Hezbollah, the United States is among the few, if not the only, nation not calling for an immediate cease-fire and a peace-keeping force.

In a prime example of how the US is not making the global situation better, after United Nations conferences in Rome were unable to reach an agreement on how to stop the Israel/Hezbollah fighting (coincidence that the US, one of the few countries that doesn't think Israel has been a bit heavy-handed with its retaliation, is also one of the few countries with UN veto power?) Secretary Rice travelled to Malaysia (Really?) to meet with leaders of the Asian world. And to play the piano... probably some Brahms, "something that is in accordance with (her) serious mood." Meanwhile nations of the world realize how much influence the US has with Israel, and, due in no small part to the targetting of an embassy in Lebanon, are stressing that the United States needs to put pressure on the Israelis to stop the fighting.

The problem that lies therein is that, while the US does hold a large amount of sway with Israel, there's absolutely no indication that we will urge them to stop bombing Lebanon. After all, if they look at our example, they only need to focus on the tragic attacks of September 11, and our retaliation to that. And no, I'm not talking about the movies.

Actually, maybe they should look at how the US decided to exact vengeance for the attacks on our soil. If they did, then the fighting against Hezbollah would stop, and someone who may only be loosely tied through similar beliefs would be the subject of Israel's misguided rage. Could be bad tidings for Syria...

Oh, and in a note related to yesterday's post, apparently Michael Steele doesn't actually feel that being a Republican will make his campaign more difficult to run. In fact, he refers to GDub as his "Homeboy". Makes you wonder if somewhere the ghost of John Kerry's presidential campaign will bite Steele on this one.

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