Friday, July 07, 2006

On the 7th day of July

We shotgun, now new and improved with links!

First up, the President has decided to travel the country. He's holding a news conference in Chicago, to kick off his concept of making occasional trips outside of Washington to "learn what's on Americans' minds". Of course, this should strike everyone as being a bit odd. Now he wants to learn what the public is thinking? Isn't this the same guy who decided that poll numbers didn't really matter? Now, I'm not going to say that polls are actually a good representation of what the average person is feeling on any given subject, but it's at least a start in the right direction. Maybe all of this traveling will actually cause the President to see what his policies have wrought across America. Or maybe the audiences will be filled with pre-selected individuals, allowing GDub to bury his head further into the belief that his administration is helping the people.

But even with that, thank goodness that GDub has Tony Snow working for him. After all, the Press Sec'y is well-informed, and can pass along necessary information to the President wherever he should be. For example, Snowjob, during a recent press briefing, was able to talk about the Mexican election. Or not. Psst... Tony? The winner was Calderon. At least until the ballots get recounted. Then it might not be Calderon. Either way, read the paper before you go to a briefing, because you're supposed to be the one passing the information along to the press, not the other way around.

Of course, the world doesn't stop spinning just because Snowjob doesn't have enough facts to keep the spin going himself. In a report by New Scientist we learn that it's possible for nuclear weapons to explode accidentally. Not saying that they could make a big boom unattended, with nothing happening. But they certainly could be detonated by a car crash, or by an attack on a convoy. Given that nuclear weapons are quite often shipped overland for inspection, there is a risk of these "single-point safe" bombs becoming highly dangerous. True, there have to be other failures along the way, but the fact that the UK Ministry of Defence is admitting that the risk exists should cause ears to perk up around the globe. Which also means that we're a relatively short time away from someone in the US declaring the MoD as being panicky, and not supportive of the efforts to curtail violence globally. After all, you can't stop violence without creating more violence, especially if you're in the Pentagon.

And finally, it wouldn't be a fair shotgun of fun if there wasn't at least some bizarre celebrity story. No, not the concept that Suri Cruise may not actually exist (although she'd better, given that Katie Holmes had to suffer through 11+ months of pregnancy to bring the Antichrist to Earth). Nope. We're just going to ignore the lack of proof of A.C. Cruise, just like Messiah Jolie-Pitt shall until the time has come for their final confrontation at the End of Days. Today, we receive word from Paris Hilton, as she declares that “If you see pictures of me out I’m being paid." Which makes her the only person other than Shane MacGowan to make a career out of being drunk 24/7. It's also a thin cover story for the side job that Paris has; prostituting herself. After all, can you think of any other job where you're paid simply for being seen?

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