Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Perking up in the Garden State

The good citizens of New Jersey can rejoice, and it's a good bet that a decent number of them will be rejoicing between the sheets. After a two month hiatus, Medicaid prescriptions in NJ once again cover Viagra and other erectile medications.

In a bold move, aimed at keeping people sexually gratified even if they can't get it up under normal circumstances NJ's Governor Corzine has made efforts to include the drugs once again into programs that help low-income citizens get the prescriptions they need. The biggest roadblock now? Reinstituting the program that weeds out convicted sex offenders from those that are eligible to recieve the pills.

True, there's a quality of life issue at stake here, and the number of men that get prescribed for Viagra or its fellows tend to discover other diseases that they'd never have learned about if they couldn't get it up on their own, but how important is it to include these drugs into the state's drug benefits? After all, education budgets are being slashed everywhere, and NJ is also experiencing less money for municipalities, nevermind an overall increase in taxes. Is it really the best use of money to make sure people can continue having pill-enhanced (or capable) sex while students are given substandard texts?

All in all, it's probably pretty safe to declare New Jersey as Rush Limbaugh's new favorite state.

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