Friday, July 28, 2006

They're just like real people

Celebrities, I mean. After all, even though they are definitely the cultural figures that so many emulate, it's nice to see that, every once in a while, they get brought back down to earth.

Take for example, Mel Gibson. The man behind "The Passion of the Christ" may have found himself a new passion. That new passion, at least temporarily, unites him with rockstars through the ages, as well as far too many club kids. That's right... Mad Max got himself a DUI. The bail, which would be a little high for many, I'm sure is barely even a drop in the bucket that is the Gibson piggy-bank. Of course, as Kate Moss was able to recently prove, little problems with substance abuse (even alcohol) don't necessarily mean the end of the party. And, with at least four upcoming projects, there shouldn't be a worry that this Patriot will be able to ride high again.

The same may not be able to be said for Lindsay Lohan, the target of an irate letter from one of the producers for her current project, "Georgia Rule". Apparently, little Miss Lohan has been skipping work, and showing up late when she does make it in. Well, time is money and all that jazz. But to the people behind "Georgia Rule", when you decide to work with one of the most notorious party girls currently on the scene, you need to be aware that your schedule may just not meet their schedule. You don't want to deal with potential headaches for your film because of potential hangovers for your stars? Don't hire Lohan. Or Hilton. Or most of the actresses out on the scene currently.

Finally, what do you do when the whole world is falling apart around you, and you're a political leader? Apparently, if you're GDub, you decide that, once you've had a little chat with PM Blair, you meet with some of the real movers and shakers that can motivate people. That's right, you invite this year's American Idols over. It just goes to show that there is no issue in the world, no matter the size and the possible repercussions, that our President won't overlook it for a moment to shine himself in a more favorable light. I just hope that tonight will also feature a call-in show where we get to vote off one of them.

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