Friday, August 11, 2006

Hammering it home

The Republican party shouldn't be accused of waffling on issues any time soon, and they're taking steps to prove that they're going to stand firm, even in the face of the "well-known liberal bias" of reality.

Take, for example, Ken Mehlmann, former deputy to Karl Rove. In the fervor surrounding Ned Lamont's victory in the primaries over Democrat-cum-Presidential-lapdog Joe Lieberman, Mehlmann has decided to lump Lamont with Rep. John Murtha. After all, we all know that Murtha once said that America is more dangerous than Iran or North Korea.

Except we also know that he was quoting a poll of foreign nations, and what the global community thought of the U.S. In fact, the early stories that omitted that simple little detail have all been retracted and corrected. So what's next, Ken? Are you going to try and spin that Lamont is also behind reports that UFOs are being held in Roswell, NM? Or how about painting Lamont as a strong believer in the notions put forth by The DaVinci Code. After all, if you're going to paint him with one work of fiction, why not keep going?

Meanwhile, the President is taking his own tactic at staying the course. In fact, he's spun the near-bombings from London as proof positive that we need to continue fighting the war on terror, and that the American people should put their support behind the Republican party, because they are the only ones with a clear idea of how to fight said war. The problem is that, a few years back, America DID launch a global war on terror. Somewhere along the lines, we got waylaid, forgot to check GoogleEarth, and found ourselves wandering away from Afghanistan (where we knew the Taliban was holed up), and marched into Iraq, where we've been stuck ever since.

So, Mr. President, are we still expected to believe that the current way of handling this global war, which resembles more and more a war simply on Iraq and Co. every day, is the most prudent course? And is it ever wise to use potential terrorist attacks as proof that you're platform is succeeding?

I think somewhere along the way, GDub channeled Marvin the Martian, and he's currently waiting for an "earth-shattering kaboom." It would certainly explain a lot.

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