Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Home field advantage?

So GDub is fairly confident that the government and the military is doing everything they possibly can to help keep the threat of terrorist attacks down to a minimum. Apparently, this goes so far as to claim responsibility for thwarting the threats in London. Nevermind that those attacks were stopped by the British police... after all, that's just one of those little details of truth that becomes so inconvenient when someone is spouting rhetoric.

Now, I'm not going to say that perhaps America didn't have a hand somewhat in stopping that plot, but it was by no means direct, and it certainly isn't because of the actions we're currently taking on the global stage. Our involvement comes from the fact that, since the attacks of five years ago, the world is overall more cautious about things, and therefore the police were looking more intently at items that may have escaped their notice in the past. The planet is a hot-spot for conflict right now, and everyone's more on guard.

GDub also went on to say that, while America is safer than in the past, it's not truly safe by any means. After all, according to our President, the terrorists actually have an advantage if and when they decide to attack our cities and people.

Wait a minute. Isn't the home team supposed to have the advantage? Doesn't the familiarity with the environment benefit those that exist within the environment? Shouldn't we know the geography and overall workings of our own land better than someone who may be intent on creating terror within our borders?

Is it possible that we're at a disadvantage when handling interior problems because our leaders are looking outwards, mostly focusing on the Middle East and Central America, and not watching closely what happens in the part of the planet that has the Atlantic Ocean to its east and the Pacific Ocean to its west? Just a thought.

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