Monday, August 14, 2006

Sex sells

And, where it doesn't sell, it can land you the prospect of becoming a political intern.

Nobody ever said that political interns weren't forward thinkers, and, as another crop of aspiring politicians rushes out to Washington, we shouldn't be surprised that they're dressing in ways that will bring them notice. After all, with literally thousands of candidates vying for the ability to start learning the political ropes that could land them a high-profile job in public service (as opposed to being a postal worker), why not try and shake things up a bit? Why dress in the same suit and shirt combination that everyone else seems to be wearing? Be different, stand out, and catch that partisan eye.

But the caution is that you need to know who you're trying to intern for. For example, if you're hoping to land an internship with Ted Kennedy, dressing like a bartender would be a good place to start. Aiming for Russ Feingold? Dress a little crazy, but have some hippi-esque elements to your wardrobe. Rick Santorum? Start with a stick hidden somewhere in your person (you can probably guess where) and proceed from there.

Overall, it's probably a good thing that Bill Clinton isn't running with the gang too much anymore. Because we all know that the sure-fire way to get Bill to notice you is, well, to be a woman. Or be a half-man half-tree like Janet Reno.

Of course, these kids have to tread carefully, what with the midterm elections coming up. After all, who wants to groom their appearance carefully to get notice from Mark Kennedy only to find out that they're now working under the very different watchful eye of Amy Klobuchar? The times they truly are a-changing.

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