Thursday, August 10, 2006

So many questions

And just enough going on in the world that I am once again compelled to bring a round of shotgunning the news.

Living in Oblivion
Joe Lieberman, the man who lost the Connecticut primary even though he was the incumbent, and a former vice-presidential candidate is starting to receive supporters from across the country in his bid to run as an independant. The problem for Joe is that those supporters are Republicans.

Given that a lot of the reason that Joe lost the primary has to do with his being too supportive of the GOP and the President's policies concerning the war in Iraq, the last thing that he should want is support from the Republican party. And yet, he's quite obviously the type to stare blindly into the future, taking support from wherever he can get it. Of course, his campaign will make it doubly hard for the Democrats to keep the seat, but that's pretty much a hallmark of the Lieberman political career.

Just a note for Lieberman (not that I expect he or anyone affiliated with him is reading this). Just because someone gives you a kiss, it doesn't mean that you have to get into bed with them. And remain there, no matter what your friends say. Of course, it might not be a bad idea for you to look into what Samantha Bee of The Daily Show suggested... start your own Senate. At least that way you can't hurt more people.

A Bust is a Bust is a Bust
Recently unveiled in New York's Museum of Sex is a bust of Clinton. I know what you're thinking, because I wondered myself on the intelligence behind getting a bust of Bill, especially given his penchant for the ladies.

But we're wrong, because it turns out that the bust in the museum is, well, that of Hillary. From just below the, um, bust line. Created by the same artist, Daniel Edwards, who sculpted the naked statue of Britney Spears, there is now a mostly-unveiled sculpture of Hill's upper quarter. The artist felt it was important to "reveal her chest a little bit." Sen. Clinton hasn't had any comment as of yet, but Bill has probably been more attracted to the statue since it went up than he has been to his wife for a few years.

Biggest question raised by this has got to be, "Why does Daniel Edwards hate us?"

Muppets Behaving Badly
We're not quite sure if Jim Henson is spinning in his grave, or if he's reached a point where he's laughing hysterically.

Turns out that, over in Edinburgh, Brian Henson is staging adult-only shows, named "Jim Henson's Puppet Improv". Apparently, after a full day of doing children's shows, the cast decides to unleash their inner "Avenue Q" and turns out adult-themed shows prompted by audience suggestions. The younger Henson, who is also planning on ruining many people's childhoods by making a sequel to "The Dark Crystal", seems to believe that his father would adore the work, by saying that Jim had a darker sense of humor than most people believe.

This may actually be true, thinking back to some of the early episodes of "The Muppet Show". Let's just hope that Brian can keep the puppets from going too far into the realm of the wrong, and we're not assaulted with "Meet the Feebles: Live and Onstage".

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