Thursday, August 31, 2006

You've got pinkslips

Hundreds of RadioShack employees received a fairly nasty little piece of email Tuesday morning, as they were sitting hard at work. Turn out that the email they received was a notice letting them know that they were fired, or, as the email stated, "Your position is one that has been eliminated." The immediate concern, of course, would be that the incredibly impersonal firing could lead to some anger from the (now former) employees, who only wanted to be held and consoled as they were told by a direct supervisor that they should pack up their cubicles.

But don't worry, all you out there who think that they got a raw deal. The employees were actually granted pay for up to 16 weeks for hourly employees, and 36 weeks for those that were making close to six figures. In light of what could have happened after having been fired, these severence pays are actually relatively decent, and those numbers could have been diminished if something as simple and less-mechanical as a phone call had imparted the news.

That, and the company did announce that it was going to be letting people go in early August, thereby giving everyone that was still working there time to fret and worry about whether or not they were going to find their names on the chopping block. Besides, with RadioShack's stock price going up since the firings, you can rest assured that the Shack still wants to be "friends" with everyone they used to employ.

Of course, things could always be worse. All of the fired employees could actually still be working for RadioShack.

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