Wednesday, November 29, 2006

And go to your room without dessert

The United States has taken a new tactic in its campaign to bring North Korea around to the GDub way of thinking. Now, instead of simply banning sale and transport of weapons and military supplies, the US is looking into depriving Kim Jong-Il of items such as iPods and Segway scooters. These luxury sanctions are aimed specifically at the North Korean leader, as the items being withheld are purported to be personal favorites of his, and yet are not widely available to the rest of the country.

Let's just slow down for a second, and make sure that we all caught what the US government is proposing. We'll be taking away Kim Jong-Il's toys, thereby beginning what could be termed the first-ever global grounding of a parent angry with the bratty behavior of a child. Not to say that the United States is truly the progenitor of the situation in North Korea, but it certainly looks like we've decided that, until KJI listens to us, he's going to be sent to his room.

And boy, just wait until his father gets home.

But honestly, is this really the best idea the United States could have put forth? After all, Kim Jong-Il isn't widely known for his mental stability, and not giving him free reign to his cognac and Jet Skis. Nevermind that these items will most likely continue to be recieved in North Korea from other nations, making the US motion somewhat frivolous. KJI has been known to fly a little off the handle in the past, and perhaps not allowing him to get his PlayStation 3 from the US could provoke another less-than-stable response from the volatile leader.

Then again, maybe this will work. Maybe after all of the attempts at diplomacy and sanctions, all we really needed to do was take away his toys and lock him in his room until he thinks about what he did.

Or maybe he'll climb out the window and egg the neighbors house, like so many troubled teens before him.

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