Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Still not ready for prime-time

But, quite possibly, more than ready for happy hour. We are, of course, talking about former Saturday Night Live and current 30 Rock "actor" (we use the term loosely) Tracy Morgan. Morgan has followed up his lack of overall success with SNL by falling into the "Tony Danza Trap"; namely, he plays a character which shares his first name, and is being outshone by older and once-talented castmates. In Danza's case, it was pretty much everyone he shared screen time with (including Judith Light). In Morgan's case, it's the sudden resurgence of Alec Baldwin into a bankable commodity.

So what do you do when you realize that you're in this situation, and that, even though your show is completely different from Aaron Sorkin's latest piece, even Untalented Cordry gets more laughs than you? Well, you reprise your greatest hits. And, when you're Tracy Morgan, your greatest hits involve driving after having had a few too many at a local watering hole.

This is the second time in the past year where Morgan has been pulled over for drinking and driving. The first time, he was fined $390, a small sum for most actors but surely something placed on a credit card for someone of Tracy Morgan's caliber, and ordered to attend an alcohol education class.

Almost makes you wonder if he ran into Mel Gibson and Robin Williams while there. Although I don't think that's the type of alcohol education the law enforcement officials were hoping Morgan would receive.

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