Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's in the stars

Insurance adjustors are always trying to spot trends among drivers. They try to figure out which activities lead to the most accidents, what types of road conditions cause the worst driving, and so on. Now, may have stumbled on yet another cause for accidents, and a penchant for somewhat reckless driving.

As our title says, it's in the stars.

That's right, according to the company's president, Lee Romanov, whatever sign of the zodiac you were born under is an indication of what kind of driver you'll end up being. Previously, phrases like "What's your sign?" were reserved for sleazy bars or other pick-up joints. Now, people may start seeing the phrase at sleazy auto dealers and other pickup joints.

This could lead to an interesting future for people hoping to not watch their children saddled with high insurance premiums. Just imagine, a world where Leos and Geminis are the most common astrological signs, because an insurance company pegged them as the safest drivers, compared to other signs. And woe to the people who tried so carefully to give birth to their good driver, only to have the baby come early, and they are saddled with a middle-of-the-road Taurus.

Of course, over in China, there's another study being done. As it turns out, in the Far East, the Horse and the Dragon are better drivers, while the Goat and the Rat get a lot of tickets. I guess our astrology really does matter more than where we live.

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