Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Making hunting more interesting

Texas State Representative Edmund Kuempel is interested in equality. He doesn't think that people should be denied certain activities just because of handicaps that they may have to deal with. Representative Kuempel is proving his dedication to fairness by introducing a new measure to the Texas legislature that he's hoping will pass quickly in January.

The Kuempel measure is to allow the blind to hunt.

When asked about the measure, Kuempel was quoted as saying, "This opens up the fun of hunting to additional people," which is true, technically. And true, the blind would be forced to hunt with a sighted partner, one who would help them to aim and steady the rifle. But darnit, those blind hunters would be able to pull the trigger, and what can be more fun than realizing that you've just blown a hole in an animal?

Now before anyone gets up in arms about this, I want to make it clear that I am not opposed to hunting. I am, however, opposed to crazy ideas like letting blind people anywhere near a loaded firearm. Or behind the wheel of a car. For the record, I'm opposed to idiots running governments, too, but too many people disagree with me on that notion (course, it may simply be the job that makes otherwise intelligent people turn into idiots, but we haven't found proof of that yet).

Back to the subject at hand. In Texas, there is a good chance that the blind will be allowed to hunt, especially given the overall popularity of hunting throughout the state. This could easily be picked up by other states with large hunting traditions, leading us to a nation of blind hunters, making things even more dangerous for the already on-alert drunken hunter our forefathers knew about. And, in an epic confrontation between drunks and the blind, is there really any winner?

What's next? The deaf are going to be music producers and talent scouts? Oh wait... we already have American Idol.

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