Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Not popular enough to cause a fight

First, it was Mel Gibson, with his anti-Semitic commentary chalked up to a drunken accident. Then it was Michael Richards, with his racist diatribe in response to a couple of hecklers during an ultimately unfunny set. After two incidents that actually sparked some levels of debate and discussion nationwide, we were given the gift of Andy Dick trying to prove that he, like Richards, can make apologies for being racist (when really, he should make apologies for being untalented and still taking up valuable screen time). Finally, there was a report recently that Pauly Shore was physically attacked during a stand-up show, due to comments made, once again, to a heckler.

Only it doesn't seem like that's really the case. Shore no longer registers high enough on anyone's radars to provoke an attack, even if he is a complete jerk to the audience, without paying someone to be part of it. At least, that's according to police in Odessa, TX, who say that the video of Shore being hit in the face was a fake, and that the entire thing was a skit.

Pauly, Pauly, Pauly... when will you learn? We stopped paying attention to you a long time ago, and the notion of you getting hit in the face is not going to bring any pity your direction. In fact, if any of us remember any of the films you made, we might think that you getting punched is a fitting punishment for the pain you caused us. True, you have more influence than Andy Dick (who's "attack" and confession weren't even blips on people's radars), but you're not important enough to get us to feel bad.

Perhaps Pauly Shore would have had more success with his "skit" if he'd channeled a character named "Tony Clifton", and made sure to hire someone who could make the punch look real. If he wants to do this again, I'm sure that there are a lot of people who would be more than happy to make sure that punching Shore in the face plays at the heights of realism.

Just because we still haven't forgiven him for BioDome. Yes, Stephen Baldwin, you're on the list, too.

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