Monday, December 04, 2006

Those voters are just crazy

There's a new scientific study out, and it will certainly help fuel the fires of many who find themselves in disagreement (or sometimes outright disgust) at GDub and his administration. The study, conducted by Christopher Lohse, indicates that the more severe the mental illness in a patient, the more likely they were to have voted for the current President.

Of course, this will cause people to jump to the statement that, well, you'd have to be crazy to vote for Bush. We here at the CSM would like to put forward the concept that the only people who are really crazy are those that would like to vote for him yet again... in 2008. We know that he can't run for the office again (at least, not until 2012), but that doesn't stop people out there from thinking that everything will just go smoothly if only we can keep The Decider in office.

Back to the study, though. As it turns out, the connection between the severity of the mental illness and the proclivity to have voted for Bush wasn't discovered until much later in the process. Mr. Lohse was merely trying to gather a way of registering mentally ill voters, and gauging their awareness on things such as current events. Of course, it should also be noted that those who supported Bush had less awareness of the current issues than those who supported Kerry.

Ultimately, as Lohse himself points out, "Our study shows that psychotic patients prefer an authoritative leader.” While GDub may not be the best leader this country's ever seen, it's hard to argue with the notion of him being authoritative. He stands by a concept firmly, refusing to budge, even in the face of facts pointing out the error of his ways. He firmly says how something will go, and proceeds to only change his stance when the winds of change blow favorably for him. He may not come out smelling like roses, but at least we can never accuse him of waffling on the issues.

Still, is it comforting or frightening to realize that the current President holds the favoritism of not only the religious right and big business, but of the more mentally ill portions of our society? Looks like it's time for the Democrats to start embracing their own brand of lunacy.

I hear Howard Dean isn't doing all that much these days. Maybe he should get together with Ross Perot...

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