Monday, December 11, 2006

Three of Four Horsemen Identified

This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, but the folks at Disney, the same folks who originally talked about bailing completely from the project in question, are now promoting both Mel Gibson and his violent vision, Apocalypto. The Mouse is even in an Oscar push, which should be unsurprising given the nature of the film, and Gibson's own track record with the little golden guy. However, the tactic Disney is using to campaign for the film is a bit, well, out of the ordinary.

They're taking the time to remind the Academy that Mel Gibson is by no means as bad as Roman Polanski or Woody Allen.

While it's true that drunken, mostly incoherent anti-Semitic ramblings are in a completely different playing field than any sort of sexual contact between an adult and a child (or a parent and their step-child), that's part of the problem. It's a different playing field. The instances aren't similar enough to be compared in such a way, let alone to try and use the transgressions of others as proof that you're guy just isn't that bad.

Although, it's possible that Disney is simply trying to be benevolent, and that the Great Mouse is looking out for us all. How are we supposed to know that they aren't specifically tying Gibson, Polanski, and Allen together to warn us? Isn't it possible that the director of Apocalypto could be part of a group of Men of Crisis who are Frantic as they try to usher in the end times? Could it be that the Disney corporation knows that the Four Horsemen are already amongst us, with Michael Richards filling in for the little-recognized Pestilence?

Or is this just another example of what has become all too prevalent in our world, where the crimes of one person are exploited by an outside organization to make the crimes of another person seem lesser by comparison? Disney has proven, in one swift, calculated move that they aren't above playing dirty to try and get what they want. Which, ultimately, makes them no different from Miramax (no, they haven't been forgiven for Shakespeare in Love).

Now seriously, how do you say "sugartits" in Mayan?

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