Thursday, January 11, 2007

New meaning to the term "floater"

Have you ever sat on the toilet and wished for sentient life directly behind you? Have you ever bowed down for a technicolor yawn, only to hope that you could have something lively and swimming before your eyes, should you be able to look outside of the bowl? Have you ever thought that it would be nice if you didn't have to carry a dead goldfish all the way from the living room towards its final trip?

Well, now you can, and all for the low cost of $299. That's right, you can now have a Fish 'n Flush (which sounds like some sort of weird ice-fishing activity) installed in your home, and you can rest easy knowing that the actual aquarium water is not mingling with the toilet water.

Sadly enough, this is a serious product, and one that will certainly see more than a few purchases over the years. Although it really does seem like something of a bad idea. What happens if you don't clean the fish tank often enough? Well, now you've got a toilet with a lovely algae display, and possibly the knowledge that Goldie just isn't going to make it as long as you were hoping. And nevermind for those nights where you're ill. The last thing you need when your head is already spinning and your stomach is swirling is to look into a tank and see a school of cardinal tetras zipping around.

Although there are a couple of potential benefits to this idea. The first benefit being that, should you have company over, they probably aren't going to want to spend too much time in your bathroom, because of the disconcerting effect of a fishtank toilet tank. And the second benefit? You finally have something to match your fishtank shoes.

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