Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A touchy-feely State of the Union

Last night, good ol' Decider GDub delivered another rousing State of the Union address to the nation. Highlights of course include people applauding for anything that they felt danced towards their particular party line, and John McCain allegedly catching up on his sleep. But after the speech, as the President was making his rounds through the assembled crowd, we received a new highlight, one that was reminiscent of GDub's exchange with a German Chancellor not too long ago.

We are, of course, referring to the imagery of Michelle Bachmann grabbing onto the President, and refusing to let go until there had been at least one more photo-op, and a quick peck on the cheek. Bachmann, who represents the 6th district of Minnesota, is one of the new representatives to the nation's capitol, and she did it by holding onto a Republican district previously vacated by Mark Kennedy, something that plenty of incumbents nationwide failed to do. Of course, her opponents in the race did pretty much cripple themselves before the election was even in view, but hey, we're not hear to judge that.

What we are here to judge is the groping itself. Not only does the video footage show that Bachmann refused to relinquish her grip on GDub until that final camera flash, but she also interjected herself into the shot, even (seemingly) pushing aside other members of Congress to get closer to the Decider. While she's made it clear that her allegiances are with the White House on all matters, up to and including what breakfast cereal to prefer, one would also have to assume that she has at least some level of intelligence, and therefore would know when to not seem too eager to be connected to the man reviled by more than half the country.

So the question remains as to why Bachmann was so eager for the photo op. And yet, the question can be answered by remembering that Bachmann has definitely posed herself as more of a prom queen contestant than a congresswoman. Unfortunately, Michelle Bachmann has apparently not spent enough time watching those classic movies from the 80's. If she had, she would know that the only way to become prom queen is to be an outcast yourself, not to simply side with the outcast.

Although, jumping so quickly onto the GDub train may end up serving that purpose. And yes, for those playing at home, the Walrus is Paul.


Robin said...

One great way to make yourself an outcast IS to grop an outcast....

Wylderwolf said...

Yeah... but I didn't even want to THINK about that.