Thursday, February 08, 2007

In case you were curious

We all know that our jobs are slowly killing us. Leave it to the folks at to come up with a way to show us exactly how that's happening.

Recently, CareerBuilder launched the "Age-O-Matic", which allows you to upload a photo, then answer a humorous survey about your job. As the answer the survey questions, the photo is altered based off the answers provided to include age spots, wrinkles, and other assorted tell-tale signs of aging. You can then take the updated photo and spread it around your office, sharing it with your coworkers, and, for the brave amongst you, your boss.

Now, before everyone gets carried away and sends pictures of themselves aged multiple years on to their fellow wageslaves, let's take a moment to think about the wisdom of using such a device. Sure, it's all meant in fun, but what happens if the picture you create today is a fair representation of how you look in five or ten years? And what happens if the today's image actually looks younger than you do after a few years? Have the people at CareerBuilder thought about the possible repercussions of their "Age-O-Matic"?

Still, such a feature could actually be a lot of fun. Imagine if all industries utilized such software. Actors could use a "Star-O-Matic" to determine how many roles they would need to take at their current level to be able to claim top billing for a movie. There could be an "Arena-O-Matic" for bands looking to sell out the biggest venues. Models could have a "Thin-O-Matic" showing them just how skinny they can be by eating only a few cucumber seeds and drinking water.

And Paris Hilton and the rest of her ilk could use the "Annoy-O-Matic" to determine just how long they can keep showing up and getting people to pay attention. In fact, it seems that Andy Dick and K-Fed have already used the "Annoy-O-Matic", and have twisted it to their own nefarious purposes, thrusting themselves even longer into their own dim spotlights.

Truly, the potential is mind-boggling.

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