Monday, March 12, 2007

Did you put "felony charge" on the list?

Students in Laredo, TX experienced a bit of a shock over their recent scavenger hunt. When the cars pulled into an empty lot to drop off their loot, they were met by the police, who arrested them for theft and for engaging in "organized criminal activity".

Here at the CSM, we simply shake our heads in sadness. Not over the notion that a bunch of high school were arrested for gathering things like road signs together for their individual lists. No, we're saddened that, in the grand history of scavenger hunting, these students have delivered a black mark. After all, who amongst us has not participated in some sort of a search mission, to find the prescribed list of goods, only to enter into a break-neck race down to the wire with the only other time to be able to find the much desired Obi Wan Pez dispenser.

And therein lies the problem. The students in Laredo didn't fall on the old scavenger hunt stand-bys. They ignored the wisdom and experience of the generations who had scavengered before them, and had put together lists that included items that were fun and/or silly, as opposed to items that would require breaking certain laws to obtain. They also scoffed at the notion of using something as prevalent as a digital camera in order to have pictures of their teams taken in front of a giant phallus. Oh no, these Laredo students needed the phallus itself.

Ok, we honestly don't know what types of items these kids were told to acquire. Although, from the article, we can guess that whoever was the ultimate recipient of the loot was getting prepared to deck out their dorm room in the most ass-kicking way possible. After all, what can you do with ten stop signs? You can plaster your wall in a bright red-and-white pattern, and claim it as avant garde art.

And if that doesn't work, then claim temporary insanity. If you've ever participated in a scavenger hunt, that claim is rock-solid.

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