Monday, March 26, 2007

Hey baby, wanna get high?

Every once in awhile, during the course of a relationship, things start to become fairly tepid in the lovemaking department. It is a part of the natural cycle, where the initial excitement has been replaced with comfort, and it can lead to not being quite as into the groove as you previously had been. Many couples resort to trying ways to spice up their love lives. A good portion of the time, doing something a bit more risky than normal just that once can keep the couple going with renewed interest for quite some time. After all, there has to be a reason why handcuffs aren't just for the police anymore.

A radio station out of Frinton, England, is getting into the spirit of things, and they're doing it by holding a contest. The contest is asking for couple who have grown old together in "a suitably disgraceful manner". A winning couple will be selected by a panel of judges, flown to Atlanta, GA, and then sent up in a private jet equipped with champagne and a bed. So yes, ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this contest will be (almost) guaranteed entry into the "Mile High Club".

Now we here at the CSM can get behind a few concepts easily. We will always support free beverages, be they coffee, soda, or alcohol. Of course, these should depend on time of day, but that's a discussion for neither here nor now. We are adamant that television programs should continue to have scripts, and rely on casts, as opposed to any chucklehead that wants to embarass themselves for "reality programming". And we will heartily cheer any contest that features, as a prize, the opportunity to act like a couple of bunnies, whether it's in the air or on the ground (or in the backseat of a Camaro). So on that level, we applaud the radio station for even thinking of such a contest.

But we do have some questions. Our first question is thus; are they going to be checking the validity of these stories? And if so, how? It could be seen as an opportunity for a clever (and creative) couple to embellish how dreary their love lives are for a free flight. Secondly; why was Atlanta chosen? Was the city picked simply because the notion of having sex within its physical borders would view the prize as more of a punishment, while other, more romantic cities (Paris, Vienna, Cleveland) might not have had the same effect? And third; isn't part of the implication behind the "Mile High Club" that, not only were you on a plane while making the beast with two backs, but that you were also stuck in a small plane lavatory, trying not to be overhead by the other passengers or the flight attendants? These are serious questions, and we want answers.

Instead of investigating this story ourselves, of course, we figure we'll just pay attention to Ralph Fiennes and Northwest Airlines employees. By watching them, we just may get the answers we crave.

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