Monday, March 19, 2007

We are Siamese if you don't please

A woman in Flushing, MI, has just learned the hard way that her precious Siamese cat may actually be worth close to $123,000. At least, he darned well better be after a bite victim sued successfully for $122,400 after the cat's displeasure led to an infection. Jean Toney had, naturally, warned people apparently unfamiliar with Siamese that her cat may possibly bite, and one poor (although, not for long) victim didn't heed the warning. The real kicker? The victim is Toney's brother, Michael Sabo.

It should be noted that Sabo did first attempt to get Toney's insurance company to pay at least a part of the damages, largely because he was forced to spend three weeks in the hospital after the bite. It should also be noted that, when the insurance provider turned down the claim, Sabo had "no choice but to sue", according to his lawyer. Needless to say, this has led to a strained relationship between Toney and Sabo.

Of course there's a strain between the two. After all, we know what it's like to have siblings. We know how easily sometimes said siblings can get on your nerves. We also understand that revenge plays itself out by getting on your siblings nerves, sometimes without planning it. And finally, we understand that Siamese, because of the inbreeding to keep them "pure-blooded", are one of the most insane breeds of cats to ever strut their way around a home. They have a tendency to make other cats seem a little needy. And, well, Siamese will claw, scratch, and/or bite anyone who happens to look at the mirror sideways.

Like we said, they're nuts.

Still, we can't imagine suing any family member over an animal bite, unless said animal was the pet hippopotamus we've heard Uncle Teddy has somewhere. This was a cat bite, and, while an infection did occur, there are other was of handling such incidents. After all, unless there are some other problems in the familial relationship, there's gotta be a better way to handle this situation, especially when you knew that there was a chance that you'd get bitten by the devil-creature. One suggestion is showing up for every Thanksgiving dinner for turkey, beer, and profuse scratching yourself during the Dallas Cowboys game.

It should also be noted that Toney is planning on keeping the cat. Obviously, to her, the $122,000 price tag, coupled with the potential loss of contact with her brother, is a small price to pay. Although, looking at this whole thing, it's possible that the loss of contact with Sabo could actually be a good thing, and well worth the financial hit. In fact, we've heard that the cat has already received requests from the Jackson family to put "hits" on family members. The Hatfields and the McCoys have considered it, but feel that adding cats is just going one step too far.

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