Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just not feeling it

Oh, Florida. You and your electoral comedy. Back in 2000, you gave the country the punchline of the "Hanging Chad", and it led to a slew of jokes, largely told on late-night talk shows by hosts with chins larger than their brains. Sure, you vacated your throne for the 2004 election, allowing Ohio its moment in the sun, but it looks like you're gearing up to take back your rightful place.

And how is Florida planning on doing this, you may ask? Well, they're considering adding onto the ballots an option for "I Choose Not to Vote". Meanwhile, most of the rest of the country exercises that very same option by simply not leaving the house, even though they really want one of those cool stickers.

The proposal was set forward to provide the uninformed, or unthrilled, voters with a way of abstaining on certain parts of the elections, and send their message to election officials. Because, again, in Florida, the concept of low voter turn-out in no way indicates to officials any sort of lack of desire to cast their ballots.

Of course, as we read the article, one piece leaps out at us as being possibly the most ridiculous thing we've seen. For those playing at home, and keeping your own tally, take note that "that option could not win a race". Well, thank heavens for that. We'd certainly hate to think of all candidates losing out to the "I Choose Not to Vote" option, thereby leaving Tallahassee without a sanitation commissioner.

This could all actually be very clever for the state of Florida, and could prove to be a groundbreaking way to drive more people to the polls on election day. After all, every Floridian can now go to vote, confident that they can cast a ballot that simply won't matter, because they feel strongly enough to vote against voting.

Kind of like when all those people voted for Nader.

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