Thursday, April 05, 2007

Might explain the teeth

The British have a long history of being made fun of for a certain distinguishing characteristic. No, not the crisp accent. Not their stiff-upper-lip detachment from the world. Not the fact that they still revere a royal family with no practical power. No, the British have constantly been mocked for their teeth. In fact, rumor has it that you can trace back through history to find that one of the unnamed reasons behind the Revolutionary War was that the colonies wanted better dental care.

Because of the mocking done about their teeth, it's also commonly joked that one of the most lucrative of professions would be that of the British dentist. And yet one dentist has decided to take it upon himself to be a bit more money-oriented when it comes to his own personal habits. He not only saves money by cleaning his fingernails with dental equipment, but he can even find a way to pack more customers in by eliminating those oh-so-annoying restroom breaks. He does this by simply urinating in his surgery sink.

Um, ok... this certainly explains why people are so afraid of the dentist. Not only do they possess a positively medieval array of tools for working on a patients mouth, but now there's a risk that said dentist may just have to take a little number one while you're trying to rinse. As far as the dentist in question, who was caught by his nurse, he apparently also was not in the habit of wearing gloves, or washing his hands. Heck, at this point, there's a chance that he scratched himself with his dental pick, just to get those really irritating itches taken care of.

Of course, this is still Britain, and, well, we talked about their teeth earlier. Consequently, even though this particular dentist has been found guilty of these vile acts (it's kind of like a surgeon making a point of using his clamps as part of impromptu jumper cables, so far as we're concerned), there will be a later hearing to determine if he's still allowed to practice dentistry.

Because the one thing we think that a country constantly mocked for its overbites needs is a dentist who hasn't figured out the difference between a surgical sink and a urinal. It certainly does explain the pink disc we saw last time we went to get a crown done.

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