Monday, April 09, 2007

R U the 1?

Well, folks, we've returned from Easter weekend, where, instead of going to church and learning about the newly risen, we instead took in an onslaught of zombies. But we're not a movie review site (for that, we rely on Pajiba), so we're not going to even pretend to give critiques of this past weekend's foray into the darkened space we like to call the movie house. Instead, we're going to focus on what we actually do, and leave the reviews to the critics out there.

That being said, we may have been slightly influenced by our movie viewing, as we had a few dreams revolving around zombies and/or muscle cars. There also were women with different weapons for legs, but we've been having those particular dreams for awhile. Still, we've never quite had a dream like David Brown, who's subconscious mind offered him a telephone number.

Now, when most people find that they've been given numbers in their sleep, their first instinct is to play the lottery. Brown decided that he needed to send a text message to the number he dreamt about, and was rewarded, over time, with a new wife. Talk about the woman of your dreams, eh?

Yeah, we're sorry we made that bad pun. But seriously, when you get a random text message from someone who claims, whether truthfully or not, that they got your phone number in a dream, how do you respond? Thanks to this news story, we all know how Michelle Kitson responded (she's the bride, just in case you skimmed over the story), but how would the rest of us respond? Would we really think it was a good idea to continue the conversation?

Let's put this into a slightly different set-up. Instead of a random text message, let's pretend it's a random chat message over the internet. Still thinking it's okay for the person to respond and start planning a relationship because of the serendipity of the whole situation? Now move it to a bar, where he's wearing a few too many necklaces over an unbuttoned shirt. Starting to catch our drift?

Before people accuse us of being cold-hearted, we admit that there's something very cute and movie-esque about this whole meeting. After all, the concept was mined for a John Cusack movie, albeit with a glove instead of a dream message. We also definitely hope for the best for these two crazy kids. If anyone can make it in this world, why not a couple of Britons who started chatting each other up because one dreamt the other one's number? Besides, we're fairly certain that this story will be turned into a movie of its own, quite possibly starring Ryan Reynolds and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and will feature Christopher Walken as the crazy dream guru who interprets the message of Reynolds's subconscious into an easily discernable phone number.

Although it does make us wonder if Verizon sponsored the wedding.

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