Monday, May 21, 2007

New Degree for Hindu gods

What do you do when the idol in your designated place of worship begins to sweat?

If you're in America, you worry that maybe there's just too much humidity in the air, and you start planning a vacation someplace tropical. If you're in eastern Nepal, you flock to the shrine, in order to pay homage.

A temple in Dolakha, Nepal, is the site of a sweating idol, which is causing devout Hindus to worry about major upheaval, either of the political or natural sort. In fact, the last time that the statue was seen sweating, it was mere months before the royal family of the country were shot dead by the crown prince, who finished the day with a suicide. Some of the worshippers are even planning on making sacrifices to the gods, in an attempt to appease them, hoping to hold off the devastation that may soon be coming.

Of course, in America, the last time we really saw any of our idols sweating was when they were worried that they'd get voted out before Sanjaya. And we think that sacrificing roosters is a bizarre concept. Then again, don't get us started on a crying Virgin Mary being found on our English muffin. Even if it does simply inspire us to buy a lottery ticket.

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