Tuesday, June 05, 2007

O'er the land of *hum hum*

Here in America, we have a benefit that we've taken for granted. In fact, most nations in the world have this same liberty, and we all seem to downplay the importance. And yet, Spain seems set to take the steps necessary to join our ranks, and rectify a situation long overlooked.

That's right, everyone. The Spanish national anthem may be about to get lyrics.

You heard correctly. One of the oldest anthems in the world has been an instrumental piece since its creation, and, well, Spanish national teams just can't take it anymore. They're tired of humming or standing mutely while other nations get to sing along to the joyous refrains set down by their forefathers (or, in the case of some of the newer countries in the world, that guy down at the pub who's always scribbling away at a notepad). They want to sing, and they want their voices to be heard amidst the tangled international throng.

Who knew that lyrics could be so important to a sportsman's morale?

Of course, what the Spanish aren't looking at, aside from completely different regional dialects utilizing different words, a nation full of strong views that don't always mesh, and people possibly mistaking their anthem for a restaurant jingle, is that, even in many countries where lyrics are present in the national anthems, not everyone knows the words. How often have you been to an event where any anthem is played, and everyone is singing along, without ever resorting to mumbling through words similar to "watermelon and banana"?

However, we have suggestions. If you're looking to put words into your nation's mouth, then look to the pop artists of today. After all, even though many of the lyrics are mindless and insipid ("My Humps" springs to mind), they still stick in your head. For days on end. And not even the musical crowbar of "It's a Small World" can pry them out. Or better yet, get a bunch of contemporary beatniks to scribble out free thought. That way, if nobody can remember the lyrics, it won't matter.

Or you could hire John Mayer, and kill two birds with one stone.

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