Monday, June 11, 2007

Oh, Joe

Times have been hard for Senator Joe Lieberman (D R I-Connecticut). Not only did he stand strong on his position towards the Iraq war, but doing so cost him his party primary, forcing him to play his hand and toss himself to the wolves as an Independent candidate. Then when, unsurprisingly, the Democrats couldn't rally around their candidate, Joe came out the ultimate victor, in a prime example of having losing the battle but winning the war.

Maybe we shouldn't be so quick with the war analogies with Lieberman, but, well, he just keeps making it so easy. And this time, he's picking on a new target, apparently having grown tired of talking about the war in Iraq.

Good ol' Sen. Joe wants the US to consider attacking Iran.

That's right. Apparently Joe has decided that the war in Iraq is going so well that we can now worry about focusing military might on the neighboring country. Nevermind the debacle that we're currently embroiled in. Let's just expand this thing, and show that we really don't have any sort of exit strategy that doesn't move further east.

Hey Joe, is it too late to fully embrace the GOP? Or are even they starting to look at you like the elephant in the room?

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