Thursday, June 07, 2007

Only the important laws

It's relatively comforting to know that there are states in the US that have figured out everything major (and, apparently, most things minor). Of course, we refer to those states that have time to declare a new state Nerf ball, or a new state Kleenex color, or just making bizarre regulations to help the day to day life of its citizens. And, well, it looks like Massachusetts, having solved every other problem afflicting its residents, has decided to look into a pesky problem.

The bathroom stall door.

Pushed for by a resident of Bellingham, but voiced in front of the legislature (we assume to a certain lack of laughter) by State Rep. James Vallee (D-Franklin), the state is now looking into whether building codes should be amended with a stipulation about which way the bathroom stall door swings. Shockingly, this egregious oversight wasn't brought to the state's attention before.

Seriously, if your state legislature honestly has nothing better to do with its time than decide whether bathroom stalls should open out or in, please, by all means, scatter them around the country. After all, with their efficient legislating, they may be able to help other states seemingly trapped with too much work. Of course, these legislatures will lose their home court advantage, but maybe the good will of other states could help ease that somewhat.

It would certainly be better than suffering through a two-year campaign season.

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