Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Seemed like a dumb idea at the time

This may come as a shock to some people, but there actually are some very important rules to follow when taking pictures to later post on the internet, specifically with regards to social networking sites like Friendster and MySpace.

Rule #1 - Don't take photos of the marijuana that you've got growing in your closet. And, if you happen to get busted by the cops, don't then claim that you don't know how the pictures got onto your site.

Rule #2 - Don't take pictures of yourself engaging in risque behavior with your friends/significant others/statues in a park unless you really don't mind people seeing you as merely a face floating above your other "assets".

Rule #3 - Don't get a friend to take a picture of you attempting to fake a possibly dangerous stunt, as things will probably go badly in the long run.

A 17-year-old Californian boy obviously did not know Rule #3 when get "pretended" to fall in Mt. Diablo State Park, so that his friend could take pictures for the boy's MySpace. Before too long, the pretending stopped, and the boy fell 75 feet, luckily suffering non-life-threatening injuries. The boy was lucky, as last year a college student fell from a greater height, and later died of head injuries. The police were also quick to point out that neither drugs nor alcohol seemed to play a part in the recent incident, although they tactfully left out the large role stupidity played.

Here's just a friendly little tip from the CSM. If you want to fake a photo of yourself falling, rig up a harness of some sort that will drop you about three feet onto a mattress or other soft cushioning. As you are falling, have a friend snap a picture. Then proceed to use Photoshop to manipulate the heck out of the photo, leaving the image of you falling into a dangerous location.

We suggest either using the Grand Canyon or Paris Hilton as the backdrop. Both are known for being gaping spans of emptiness. True, Hilton's is in her head, but she's still known for it.

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