Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What a load of bull

There's a chance that Hamdija Djuric will refer to his cellmate as being an animal, nothing more than a beast, and a poor conversationalist that has no place in a china shop. This is because his cellmate will be a 1.5 ton bull.

The 4-year-old bull, who's name in Micko, is being moved to a prison farm so that Djuric, his owner, can look after him. If the bull hadn't been moved, there was a good chance it was going to end up going to a slaughter house. Now, with the new arrangement, Djuric will be able to continue to look after the animal, while serving out his own prison term for a stabbing incident.

Of course, we've all heard stories about how prison can change a man, and turn them into something more akin to an animal. Maybe this will be an interesting experiment. We can only wonder if Micko will slowly gain more human-like characteristics, possibly even gaining, over time, the ability to barter cigarettes for prime locations in the food lines.

The only thing we're positive about is the Micko will be one of the few inmates that doesn't have to worry about a cellmate named Bubba, and possibly becoming a June prison bride. Just don't let him near the fine dishes.

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