Thursday, August 23, 2007

Too distinctive?

Within our society, people are always trying to make themselves stand out. They are looking for that little extra kick that will make them unique; something that will make it almost impossible to mistake them for someone else. We've seen people achieve that goal through their distinctive inability to keep their nipples covered, through the color scheme of their wardrobes, through their hair (or lack thereof), and tied into the cars that they drive.

And yet, there are some that have taken that extra step. With these people, they have created such a unique and original look, that it would be highly improbable to mistake them for anyone else, simply due to the nature of their modifications. While there may certainly be two people with those exact markings, the odds are so astronomically small that it's safe to call these individuals one of a kind.

For this portion of society, here's a tip. Don't engage in criminal activity.

Obviously, this lesson was never imparted to Eric Hardcastle, who was recently arrested in Portsmouth, NH, after a teenager described a heavily tattooed man that approached him with baggies of marijuana for sale. Given that Mr. Hardcastle has tattoos in place of his eyebrows, across his scalp, and on both cheeks, the police are fairly certain that they just may have found their suspect.

While we certainly respect Mr. Hardcastle's individuality, and we reserve no small amount of fear towards people willing to tattoo their freaking head, we do have to question his decision-making skills somewhat. After all, when you look like you've been attacked by a band of pen-wielding maniacs, perhaps selling pot isn't the best plan. At the very least, claim that you're a professional wrestler unable to wash off all of the face paint before running to the farmer's market to buy oregano. The mental disconnect alone should get some of the heat off of your back.

Sadly, Mr. Hardcastle, largely due to his distinctive features, has found himself relocated from a homeless shelter to a prison. On the plus side, what are the chances that he could possibly get any more tattoos while behind bars? He's already a few dangerous steps away from looking like Sharpie the Clown.

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