Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The pants strike again

You know, it seems like only yesterday that we were mentioning once again the case of the missing pants, and the completely reasonable judge who decided to sue for $67M for their return.

Wait, it was just yesterday? Wow.

Anyway, it turns out that, while he may have lost his lawsuit (and half of his business suit), Roy Pearson may still be able to get the last laugh. Due to both the financial and emotional burdens of fighting Pearson's claims over the years, Soo and Jin Chung have decided to close Custom Cleaners, the alleged site of the pants-swapping debacle.

During the trial, support was largely in favor of the Chungs and their dry cleaning store, and they were even the recipients of $100,000 in donations to help cover the legal expenses. However, after years of stress and battling in court over a pair of pants, plus the loss of business in the neighborhood due to Pearson's aggressive tactics, the family has decided that their only recourse is to close their doors. They will continue to operate Happy Cleaners, which was their original location.

It's fairly tragic that, even with an Internet full of support, Custom Cleaners had to close. And to think, it's all because of a pair of pants, which may or may not have been lost, causing a lawsuit that may or may not have been completely insane.

Of course, it could be worse. The Chungs could have to be removed from their house by forklift. But we're fairly certain then that pants would be the least of their problems.

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