Monday, October 29, 2007

Dead tired

Sometimes, all you want to do after a long night of revelry is to get on a bus, catch a quick snooze, and head home. During the month of October, part of that ritual, for many, includes washing off make-up used to help bring a costume to life, or, in some cases, death. For every princess or cat costume that's worn, there are at least twice as many zombies, vampires, or other undead creatures roaming the streets.

Of course, dressing as the dead can lead to special situations, such as possibly being confused for a murder victim. That's exactly what happened to a German man riding a train. He had been out celebrating Halloween as a zombie, and when he boarded the train and shut his eyes for a bit of a catnap, his fellow passengers mistook him for an actual corpse. The drunken slumber from Hamburg to Bad Segeburg caused some questions, and when the police eventually arrived, the man was told that he could continue his trip, but only after he'd washed off his make-up.

Honestly, we're fairly surprised that this is one of the first instances of a mix-up due to zombies. After all, the fascination with the walking dead has been around for awhile, and it's only been building to a feverish pitch. Think of the numbers of "Zombie Pub Crawls" taking place in major cities. Recall all of the zombie movies that have been coming out to theatres. Remember that Keanu Reeves is still asked to act. There are simply zombies everywhere, and, while this particular reveler took his undead appearance around Halloween, he's somewhat outside of the norm. After all, it's apparently much more fun and interesting to wander around as the walking dead in June than it is in October.

Of course, it could have been worse. The zombie on our train could have been any one of a number of college-aged women, many of which decide that Halloween costumes are simply taking something fairly innocuous and making it into something slutty. If that had been the case, we may not have had a question of murder, but instead, a question of, "How much?"

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