Monday, November 26, 2007

Can you hear my alarm now?

Ah, the cellular telephone. Ever since its inception, it has provided an ever-increasing amount of assistance to people looking to keep in touch while being largely on-the-go. New features have been added, ranging from simple things such as caller ID and call waiting to mp3 playback and full Internet browsing potential. But another new feature, currently only being packaged for Verizon phones, is sure to provoke interest.

After all, how can you not be curious about a phone that blares an alarm when 911 is dialed?

Yes, you read that correctly. And while there are plenty of times where an alarm during a 911 call can actually prove beneficial, there are other times, such as the example highlighted behind the link, where the one thing you want is silence. Especially when in the middle of an emergency call.

But don't worry. After all, the only reason Verizon is even claiming to be doing this is due to a ruling by the FCC. Ok, more specifically due to a ruling that Verizon misinterpreted, but still. They're hearts are in the right place, right? And it's that kind of giving nature that's surely behind Verizon's decision to charge 911 operators more for their services. Naturally, when one is looking at the safety and assistance provided by emergency operators, any company would (and should) focus on its bottom line above all else.

So our hats go off to Verizon, and their new ways of thinking about 911 phone service. Why, if they can only maintain their current way of thinking, then emergency calls may soon only come from those members of society wealthy enough to afford it, and self-important enough to not mind an extra alarm drawing attention to themselves. You know, celebutards.

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