Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More popular than Crazy Frog

It's catchy, brief, and is becoming one of the most frequently downloaded ringtones in recent history. No, we're not talking about the new Britney Spears single, or even Paul McCartney's newest release.

We're talking about the king of Spain telling Hugo Chavez to "shut up".

Not since GDub dropped some uncouth language to Tony Blair has there been the comments of a head of state spread with such speed. Admittedly, King Juan Carlos gave his royal order to Chavez after Chavez had declared the former Spanish Prime Minister a "fascist", but that alone cannot even begin to explain why this simple phrase has become so popular on Razrs around the globe.

But the marketing machine seeking to profit off of the moment isn't stopping at just a ringtone. Mugs and t-shirts are also available, and, before long, we expect to see jeweled mouse pads for those "hard-to-shop-for" Chavez-haters.

Why, in the face of all of this crass commercialism (which Chavez would hate, mind you), it's hard to imagine why King Juan Carlos doesn't go around dropping more tidbits like this groundbreaking one. Eventually, he could even compile a "Greatest Hits" album, naturally featuring "Shut Up" in a prime location. Add to it a bonus DVD of GDub's greatest inappropriate fondles, and you've got a sure-fire money-maker.

Heck, a politician hasn't been able to stir up this much economic interest since FDR called Hitler a "pansy", and then threatened to get out of his wheelchair to teach the diminutive Fuhrer "a thing or two".

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