Wednesday, November 07, 2007

No good here

No, no, we're not using that subject line as a reference for the debates in the House of Representatives regarding VP "Vader" Cheney. Instead, we're talking about some very high earners, and the feelings that they have towards the American dollar. This is being prompted by the realization that, apparently, our money is no good with a number of them, the latest being Gisele Bundchen.

While it's true that Bundchen isn't alone in her refusal to be paid in American dollars, she is the only one that we're aware of who makes their living by parading around wearing a bra and panties most of the time. Sure, she's attractive. After all, she's a supermodel. But for the actual work that she does, her declaration that she would rather be paid in currency that isn't currently floundering seems a bit, well, ugly. After all, if you had to walk around in your underwear, and got paid millions to do so, would you really be concerned whether you were losing a few cents per dollar (which admittedly adds up when you hit the millions range)? At least the others mentioned in our linked article actually had to do something more than be blessed with good genetics to earn their fortunes.

Of course, this list of the already exceedingly wealthy is quick to point out that the dollar will continue to flounder because of the number of Americans living well beyond their means. Never mind the number of people worldwide being paid in American dollars at levels far beyond their needs. Not saying that it would necessarily fix everything, but if every celebrity found their earnings cut by 10%, it might actually help rescue our currency.

But, well, we certainly can't be too hasty. After all, we all do need to live more within our means. We can't continue to rack up our debts. And, shucks, if that means that we can't continue to see American companies dish out millions to celebrities while paying upwards of hundreds to their standard employees, then so be it.

Or maybe we'll just move to Canada. After all, their buck currently has more bang.

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