Monday, November 12, 2007

Take your daughter to strike day

What is the one group that can connect celebrities and children, putting them on a relative par with each other? If you said the Hollywood writers, then you're absolutely correct!

Before you start thinking that we here at the Coffee-Soaked Mind have completely lost it, we just want to point out that the writers declared today as a "Bring-Your-Kids" day, and they're currently planning a "Bring-a-Star" day tomorrow. Of course, people will still argue that this won't actually help solve the strike, but it is a completely logical ploy, when taken from the perspective of deciding which writer has the cutest and/or most precocious children. It will also be a good time to see which writers have clout with the actors that they're busy scribbling lines for. Obviously, if you're able to pull someone with decent amounts of fame, then you know you're an a-list writer. If all you can get is Horatio Sanz or Star Jones, well, then it might be time to look into a career writing jingles for Pringles (and yes, folks, that kind of rhyme just comes naturally to us).

Of course, this whole thing could really end up backfiring. For example, bringing children to the picket line could help engender sympathy for the poor writers, and might even encourage the studios to end the strike more quickly, but it could also lead to studios deciding that they've found a new wealth of "talent" for the next generation of shows like "Two and a Half Men", and they could merely be negotiating to create the next Fred Savage. And the notion of bringing stars to the picket lines will only serve to draw paparazzi, and underscore the fact that the writers are toiling for a group of people who would fawn over their own reflections, if only it would just snap a picture.

Naturally, we both support and fear this planning by the writers. However, given their long history of cliches and hackeneyed storylines, it should come as no major shock that they're using tactics such as cute children and guest star cameos during the month of sweeps.

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