Thursday, December 06, 2007

Seemed like a good idea...

Yesterday we talked about Santa, and his habits. Today, we turn our attention to people's yard decorations, including one family in Louisiana that decided to try and stir the pot a little.

See, they weren't content to simply let their house be yet another holiday-themed monstrosity, with blinking lights, garish plastic scenes, and a serious lack of tongue-in-cheek nature. So they took matters into their own hands, and crafted some special decorations, using wooden cutouts.

The decorations have caused a bit of an uproar though. It seems that people aren't all that keen on the idea of Santa taking aim at Rudolph with a rifle.

While the family wanted to try and different take on the Christmas season, others don't necessarily feel that way. Apparently, the thought of Santa slaying his own reindeer, especially the "most famous reindeer of all", brings something other than holiday cheer to mind. Never mind that perhaps the jolly old elf might be intrigued by the taste of venison.

Of course, from our perspective, the most glaring problem with the decoration is not the rifle-toting Santa. It's not even the severe lack of white powder on the ground (flour will do in a pinch, for you home decorators out there). It's the concept that Santa may be gunning down Rudolph. Sure, Mr. Claus is not one to enjoy sharing the spotlight, which is why months before Christmas, we're met with his image, and not images of the concept that the holiday was created for. But we just can't see him having that fragile of an ego that he'd be willing to eliminate the only hope he has of seeing his way through dense clouds and snow storms during his appointed rounds.

Now Comet or Prancer, on the other hand. Those two are just dead weight on the team.

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