Monday, December 17, 2007

The war at home

Here in America, we find ourselves at war all the time. If we're not engaged in something like the War in Iraq, then we're fighting a Cold War. In lieu of that (or when it stops holding our full interest), we begin the War on Drugs. And then, of course, in the last few years, we've had the War on Christmas, which, while we can't be sure, probably involves shooting dreidels and pagan stars at images of Santa and the Nativity Scene.

Naturally, these little "Wars" are propagated so that we can continue to feel as though there's something being done, even when there doesn't need to be. After all, we don't really think there's much danger of Christmas being eradicated, and we know that drugs will still be around no matter how long we fight that battle. Given the nature behind a lot of these little, less important (and theoretically less fatal) wars, it should come as no surprise to anyone that politicians and talking heads generally have a hand in helping spread the message about how we need to mobilize. And who better to fill that gap between the two disparate groups than former White House Press Secretary, Tony Snow. After all, if it wasn't for the Snowjob, we wouldn't be aware that we are currently embroiled in a "War on God".

Wait. Wait just a minute. A war on God? Seriously? Does Tony Snow (or anyone else for that matter) truly believe that America as a whole is in danger of eradicating the Judeo-Christian deity? Or that we're a couple of unbaptised children away from the entire religion being erased from our day-to-day lives? While we admit that it's been awhile since we perused the Bible, we're fairly certain that only two entities can ever actually participate in a war on God. Those two concepts? Satan and the Antichrist. That's about it. Never mind that, if you believe that God had a hand in your creation, and the creation of everyone else, and that He then imparted free will to us, it was obviously so that we could make choices such as these, determining how our belief and faith made the most sense and the most personal impact.

What could possibly be next? A "War on Stupidity"? Oh, wait... we need politicians, and, with the writer's strike ongoing, someone has to be willing to appear in our reality television programming.

But hey, at least we're not hunting Nessie.

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