Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Depends on your definition of "safe"

Scotland is working to overturn a ban that the United States has been holding onto for a while. No, we're not talking about the ban on bagpipe music (that would just be a good idea). The Scots, looking ahead to this upcoming Friday and international celebrations of Robert Burns, are hoping to overturn the United States ban on something they themselves hold dear.

They want to give us their haggis.

Haggis was banned in the US following the Mad Cow Disease outbreak in the United Kingdom, and America has been steadfast in keeping the delicacy from our shores. True, people can always make their own, but there's just an extra something special about true Scottish haggis, at least, that's what the Scots are claiming. They also claim that, "It is safe or we wouldn't eat it here", but that argument carries little weight coming from a part of the world not really known for its gourmet foods.

True, haggis is a bit of a change from many of the other meals that people globally find themselves eating, but there are many times where a change isn't really for the better. Besides, if haggis starts getting imported, what can we look for next? Lutefisk?

We have to draw the line somewhere, and we feel like drawing the line at sheep innards.

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