Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not quite according to plan

Sometimes, the best laid plans can go completely awry. For example, look no further than the plans of the Dallas Cowboys going into last weekend, and look at the end result. Of course, there are other examples, on a less grand scale, ranging from trying to make the perfect dinner to simply deciding when you're going to go to bed, only to have something foil your best efforts. A burglar in Berlin recently had his own plans stopped.

The burglar broke into an apartment and was surprised to find the owner home. He was even more surprised to find the owner dead. According to media reports, the burglar called the police to report the discovery of the corpse, and then left the area without taking any items. The burglar is not suspected of any sort of foul play, as the owner of the flat had apparently been dead for a couple weeks.

Naturally, given that it's winter in the northern hemisphere, it's likely that closed windows (and possible low heat) helped slow the decomposition process, but we're still fairly certain that the burglar may have noticed a little olfactory something upon entering the flat. And while they always say that dead men tell no tales, at least this time we can be proud to believe that some dead men get to keep their stuff.

Although we're also willing to bet that the burglar had a bit of an internal struggle before calling the police. After all, he'd been in the middle of an illegal act, but not informing them about the body would definitely fall into the category of "wrong things to do". Probably explains why he fled the scene after making the phone call.

This is exactly why the Hamburglar stopped being such a presence. Just one too many corpses ahead of him in his path.

Grimace just really hated those Fry Guys.

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Mercurial Georgia said...

According to Batman, career criminals are superstitiously inclined. It's much better to not take any chances, call it in, leave without taking anything, than to have the dead haunt your dreams eh?

Remember that scary story about the sliver coins? Sometimes they are cold. An old lady's eyes wouldn't close, so her relatives covered her eyes with the gold/sliver coins. The funeral guy who stole it, got visited.....