Thursday, January 03, 2008

Yay 4 science!

Today, the political machine is really getting itself going, as many people around the country are finding themselves fixated on Iowa and the early results. Of course, we're not any closer to actually deciding a president, we're just inching towards removing some of the options, but hey, any day that Iowa gets to take center stage is pretty huge for them. Thankfully, no matter how ridiculous we may find today's voting (with the actual election almost a full year away), we can take comfort from knowing that our old friend science has stepped up with someone even more insane.

Wait, let's correct that. The results of the study weren't insane. In fact, anyone with a bit of common sense could have figured out what they would be. The fact that the study was done period is what ranks as insane. And what on earth could science, through research done at Clemson University, possibly do that would make less sense than the current mid-point in the presidential campaign?

How about a study as to whether or next text messaging while driving could potentially cause accidents? That's right. Apparently thanks to researchers at Clemson, now there's hard evidence to back up what everyone knew; inputting words into a phone using your thumbs while driving causes you to split your attention, and could lead to accidents. Wow, we never would have guessed that one.

Well, now that Clemson has that out of the way, maybe they can take some time to determine what else could lead to driver errors. We're guessing weather conditions, other drivers, vehicles, and the simple act of driving itself. Heck, breathing could cause driver error, provided it happens behind the wheel of a car.

It almost makes us wish we were in Iowa.

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