Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Better late than never

Congratulations to the state of South Carolina! They are currently looking to pass a bill that would officially recognize the end of slavery!

Alright, before you jump to any sort of conclusions or attack us for this exact sort of misleading statement, read the article. Sure, it doesn't make things a whole lot clearer, but it does start to become more obvious that what SC is actually doing is looking to commemorate the unofficial end of slavery. Proposing a "Juneteenth" bill would stop the need to write a temporary proclamation every year, and it would be a chance to honor June 19th, 1855, when Union soldiers announced the end of the Civil War in Texas.

However, looking at the article itself, especially on a cursory glance, one can think that South Carolina is finally getting around to accepting that slavery is over. While we know that there are still people across this country who refuse to believe that the Confederacy lost (and still others who are practically keeping up the fight, or at least their own battle-readiness, to this day), we highly doubt that there are any who haven't gained an understanding that slavery is no more. Sure, civil rights are still being worked out, but you don't see slaves out on plantations anymore. And for anyone to think that a state would have held off accepting such a fact for over 150 years is a bit ludicrous.

And yet, the article lingers out there. Who knows, though. Maybe the writer was trying to phrase the article in such a way as to eliminate confusion, and a clever editor changed words to make it "flow" better. Maybe the author was ultimately confused as to exactly what was happening. Maybe they found themselves distracted by a kid with a Mohawk.

Could have been worse. They could have been working for FOX.

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