Thursday, February 07, 2008

Up, up, and up

Is there anything that medications can't do? Sure, some people will say that medication won't repair a broken marriage, and others will be hesitant to use medications as a primary source of income, but couldn't it just be that these people haven't tried the right pills?

And what exactly are the right pills? We used to believe that each situation and/or condition had its own required medication. We're beginning to find out that there may just be a wonder drug that works wonders, and no, we're not talking about aspirin.

We're talking about Cialis.

Why are we mentioning anti-impotence drugs? Because, apparently, Israeli fighter pilots may get anti-e.d. pills to help them combat dizziness caused by low oxygen levels while they combat enemies caused by building a wall around the Gaza Strip.

The pills have worked for climbers in higher altitudes, and Israeli army doctors think that the pilots could see similar results during their long exposures to thin air, making breathing much harder.

Of course, if these pills don't bring about the intended result, at least we can rest assured that the Israeli pilots will be steady and strong, possibly for hours at a time, during intense sessions. And if that doesn't provide us all with certain levels of comfort and joy, then we don't know what will.

We can hear the new tagline already... "Cialis. For when you need to go up and away."

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