Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just sit right back

Alright, so this might be an old story to some of the folks out there, but, well, we just found out about it. Probably because it had to do with a little-known individual. After all, nobody ever watched Gilligan's Island, so there's no chance that anyone should be familiar with the actress that played Mary Ann.

Wait. You're familiar with this person? Really? Well, were you aware of what she did back in October, 2007? You know, with the marijuana and all?

You were? Hmm, and you know about the six-month unsupervised probation, too. Well, smarty, if you knew all these things, were you surprised? Because, while we may have been out of the loop on this one, we weren't shocked, really.

Look at it this way. The woman is known for one role. Admittedly, that's more than a lot of people ever get known for, but she had to have hopes and dreams that would make her more than just Mary Ann to the world. And yet, when she was forced to reprise the role on 1980's sitcoms (and sell her original costume), you have to wonder. When you see that half of her GI cast members have gone to the great Minnow in the sky for the obligatory three millennium tour, you should stop being shocked that, at 69, she's willing to engage in the kind of dangerous and potentially habit-forming activities found only amongst those ranging from 13-97 in age (and we know that not all those kids have glaucoma).

So, while this story may be old, it's certainly new to us, and there's plenty for the whole family to enjoy. Besides, it was a nice break from all the "Spitzer? I barely paid her" stories swimming around out there.

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