Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Keeping abreast of the trial

There are plenty of reasons to overturn a guilty verdict. Most often, new evidence comes to light, thereby exonerating the defendant. Every once in awhile, someone else will come forward and admit to the crime. And, of course, there's always the chance that the verdict can be changed due to faulty management of the case.

But how often do you hear about someone having their conviction overturned based off of the evidence that was available at the time? Even more to the point, how often does it revolve around the body of the defendant?

That's exactly what happened to a Japanese model, who was convicted a year ago of property damage related to a break-in at a man's apartment. The man claimed that she broke in and caused the destruction because he was with another woman. The defense claimed then, and reasserted their claim after a year, that there was no way possible for the model to have committed the crime.

After all, her breasts wouldn't have fit through the hole.

It may have taken a year, but the verdict was finally overturned, when actual measurements were taken, and it was proven that the woman would not have been able to fit her 44-inch bust through the opening provided. The bikini model stated that she used to hate her body, but has found not only career success, but now has found an exoneration all because of her proportions.

The model was quoted after the case as saying, "The judges were very good-mannered as they showed no expressions on their faces. I guess they're well-trained." It's entirely possible that the judges were also busy thinking about anime, the only other place in Japan where one can regularly see women of those proportions (and beyond).

This story just goes to show that, while it can often be troubling to stick out amongst your peers, sometimes having a little extra can go a long way to getting you off.

Either way, we're fairly certain that this model has gained more than a handful of supporters and fans since the trial. We wonder if she'll milk it for all it's worth.

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